Interlude Custom x500(Christmas x1000).Opened at 26/12 19:00 GMT+2


New Updates 14-16/1/2022

NEW Max +25 (Already added at 14/1), with custom scrolls
NEW armor: Vesper (upgradable from shop with dynasty + farm coins + raid coins)
NEW Mask: Epic Mask Pro (Gore Boss, Special Boss)
NEW Gore Tattoo: (Upgradable AIO + farm coins + raid coins)
All Raids drops Raid Coin
Party Mobs drops Raid Coin
More Enria drops frop Party zone

Farm Mobs drops increased
Giant Mobs drops increased
Giant Mobs status increased

VIP for everyone for new players

Free VIP status for all new players will enter
The VIP status will go to the first character you enter in game
You cant change VIP to other character
The Vip will last for 12Hours

Gore Unique Boss

Spawning every 40 /+- 10Hours
Drops are extremly high
When Gore Unique Boss are alive, you could not teleport to other Bosses until you kill it.